Summary Dashboards Live Maps V10

Excited about Savision Live Maps v10? We want our users to take advantage of all the new features offered in v10 – like the new and improved Summary Dashboards. Want to be one step ahead? Savision is offering two separate User Group sessions in June and July. Sign-up for our first session to view a first-run experience on the following widgets:

  • Health State Widget
  • Performance Graph Widget
  • PowerShell Widget
  • Alert Summary Widget
  • Alert Listing Widget
  • Services Widget
  • SLA Widget

Q&A Summary

1. Is it possible to use the PowerShell widget to create a grid view of all the servers in the domain, using AD queries and WMI queries to bring in info such as AD description, AD owner, version of OS, last logged on date, highlighting older versions of windows in red, etc. Essentially a catalogue of your server estate.

This should be possible. There are some basic guidelines to follow:

  1. Use the import-module for the cmdlets you need.
  2. cmdlets will have to be registered on computer.
  3. You cannot do remote PowerShell sessions. Ensure that the app pool user has the necessary permissions to pull from PowerShell. i.e. allowing the user to be a domain admin to grab info. One work around is to create a PowerShell query on a computer or remote computer that grabs the info and puts in into a txt file. Then you can use the PowerShell widget to display the information. If you format the information in HTML you might be able to use the webpage widget to display that. This is a two-step process, but it provides more flexibility with less security risk. The PowerShell widget will have an HTML look but won’t be in RTM.

2. Is there a way to change the default colors of the pie chart widget?

Not at this time. In some cases the default colors can be counter-intuitive (e.g. the count for critical computers is in green when it should really be in red.) Development already has a plan to allow for this flexibility.

3. In “Alert Management” is there a way to save a search query for use later?

Unfortunately there isn’t a way to do this. Our best option for this is adding an Alerts Listing widget in a summary dashboard. It will not be a true search but a scoped one. Another option is to use Savision iQ, which will pull all alerts from SCOM and allows you to save searches on this. If you are interested in learning more about Savision iQ please contact or