Automating Your Live Maps Services

If you want more time to work on your other projects, watch this user group session where we go over how to automate your Live Maps services. We cover the following topics:

  1. Dynamic Rules
    • How to Set Up Computer Groups
    • Host Referencing
  2. Maintenance of Your Service Map & How to Reduce Maintenance
  3. End User, Application, and Infrastructure Component Discoveries
  4. End User Experience Set Up
  5. Reporting

Q&A Summary

1. Group calculations can be set to be tuned hours apart, and this affects how quickly things are populated in Live Maps.

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2. Can you use Google Maps with Live Maps?

As a Microsoft partner, Live Maps is compatible with Bing Maps. You can show all your components over an interactive Bing Map. For those with an Enterprise license and are under current M&S or Subscription, Savision can provide you with a license to use Bing maps without charge. Just email support or customer success to get this license. One thing to note is that you cannot use an interactive map inside a service. In this particular case, you can create a static map instead.