Authoring Console: Best of the Best Practices

Live Maps Authoring Console is a feature-rich console. We can spend days talking about all the awesome things you can do with the Authoring Console (and we do sometimes). So, we’ve distilled the best of the best practices for the Authoring Console, and we want to share it with you!

Q&A Summary

1. Is it correct to assume that the usual MP caveat applies to imported groups and overrides?

It depends. If you copy a group into Live Maps, this essentially creates another group with another GUID reference that comes with all the monitors and rules to enable a group health state. This means all your overrides will target the old group in SCOM. You will have to move those overrides across. If the overrides are targeting the objects, Live Maps wthankill follow the same path.

There are tools that will allow you to view the overrides. Here are a couple of suggested by the attendees.

  • Silect MP Studio
  • 7128.OverrideExplorer.3.6

2. When is Version 9 coming out?

Never. We’re going straight to version 10, and it will be available in the summer of 2018.

3. Can a service be built from an AD OU containing server?

Yes, there are 2 possible ways to do this.

  • If you already have a SCOM group that is pulling this information, that group can be imported to create a new dashboard in Live Maps.
  • Use the membership rules and target “Organizational Unit” when targeting Windows Servers.

4. Can the MPs be migrated to synchronize with service managers?

Yes, but we’re not running any discoveries. Service Manager relies on the discovery part of the MPs just like SCOM does to populate CIs in its DB. We have a connector that pushes the relationships. You can select what services to push over, and they’ll get saved as business services and be automatically updated. For more information, please see this blog article.

5. Is there a way to define service owners in the Authoring Console?

You can do this by going to the General section in your Authoring Console and using the “Owned by Organization” section.

6. What are your thoughts on integrating SCOM with PowerBI and importing dashboards into LM?

We’re still discussing this internally. If you have any thoughts that you’d like to share with us, send us an email.

7. Can you create multiple groups in one dashboard (one for each membership rule)?

Not for each membership rule. Membership rules within the same dashboard are treated as “OR” statements, and all the rules are for that one specific dashboard. With that said, you can create several sub-dashboards with each having its own membership rule. Each of those will be a separate group. This is exactly how Live Maps Service maps works. It will automatically create groups as you create drilldowns within one dashboard. If you’re not on your unlimited plan, keep in mind that this will affect the number of dashboards it takes up. Please talk to your Savision Account Manager to change over to the unlimited plan if needed.