Single Pane of Glass

Savision ingests and normalizes data from all your different monitoring, cloud and service management tools. The consolidated data can then be easily visualized, analyzed, routed and processed. It’s the command center of your IT environment.

On-Prem, Hybrid or Cloud Only

We can integrate with your on-prem monitoring tools (in local or remote locations) and your cloud environment, giving you control over all your applications no matter where they are located.


ITSM Integrations

Savision connects, filters and routes data between your monitoring and service management tools. Alerts from your monitoring tools are correlated in tickets and bi-directional processes are streamlined. We provide all the contextual information to you alerts and incidents, so you can resolve them quickly and efficiently.

Easy Drill Down and Root-Cause Analysis

With Savision, you can easily pinpoint the root cause of incidents and drill down to the source of the alert. All the alert properties and details are available directly from our interface, as well as common actions such as resolving alerts. If you need to delve deeper into the monitoring minutiae, we provide a direct link to the alert in its original tool.

Flexible and Future-Proof

Savision can adapt to all sorts of changes in your environment, future-proofing your IT Operations. If you need to add a tool, scale up or migrate part of your environment to the cloud, you can easily add additional integrations and control everything from a single control panel. If you need to remove a tool, you can remove an integration from your subscription and save costs.

Multitenancy and Security

Savision is multi-tenant and provides a high-level overview of all your customers regardless of the data-source. Permissions and security are easily created to share the right information with third parties without providing full read/write access. Manage dozens of internal or external clients from a single screen to improve service delivery, speed up reporting and lower down-time without switching consoles.


Other Integrations and Collaboration

Don’t see your integration? We provide an open API and continuously expand our list. Our integrations are not limited to monitoring and ITSM tools, we also integrate with messaging, notification and escalation management tools so you can easily coordinate with other teams and troubleshoot issues together in the Situation Room.


MTTR reduction

Noise reduction

Operational efficiency gains

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