Service Modeling and Application Mapping

See all your services health status in a single overview, no matter which tool you use to monitor them. If a service is experiencing issues, you can quickly drill down to the alerts, identify the root-cause of the outage and troubleshoot.

360° View of your Services

Savision provides a status overview of your IT services from three different perspectives: End-User, Application and Infrastructure. It highlights the issues that are affecting your users and require immediate attention, putting you in control and improving uptime.

Dynamic Service Maps

Creating custom Service Maps can be done quickly and easily with Savision. Thanks to inclusion/exclusion rules, your services stay up-to-date even if your environment changes. This significantly lowers maintenance time and means your services are always monitored correctly.

Application Mapping and Diagrams

If you already created services and groups in your monitoring tools, Savision will automatically import them and keep them updated. This will avoid duplicate work and ensure the information in Savision is always aligned with the rest of your environment. Explore your applications with Savision’s automatically created diagrams surfacing the relationship between your components.

Service Templates

Savision has out-of-the-box service templates for all common Microsoft business applications such as Exchange, Active Directory, Dynamics, Office 365 and more. See Savision’s complete list of available service templates.

SLA Reporting

Savision automatically tracks service uptime, differentiating between End-User, Application and Infrastructure perspectives. You can easily create SLA reports to share with management or your customers, and automatically send notifications if critical SLAs are about to be breached.

Why Service Modeling and Application Mapping?

Mature your IT Service delivery to be customer focused

Be pro-active and spot problems before they become critical

Stay on top of your dynamic IT environment with minimal maintenance required

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