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Visualizing the overwhelming amount of data in System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) by using responsive and quick dashboards will help you pinpoint the underlying cause of a problem and resolve the issue before it affects the business. Savision is a powerful SCOM dashboard solution that seamlessly integrates with System Center Operations Manager (SCOM). It is easy to install, and it comes with unlimited HTML5 dashboards that will instantly give you and your stakeholders actionable insights to resolve problems without breaking your budget.

Savision cuts through alert noises to quickly spot issues. With its quick navigation feature, it takes only seconds to discover any object in SCOM, view its current health status and historical performance data, and resolve its alerts. Our solution groups infrastructure and application-related alerts into service-oriented SCOM dashboards that show you what’s critical to resolve before greater upstream impact or system outage.

SCOM Dashboards Examples

End-User Dashboards

Savision’s unique approach focuses on End-User impact for business services by using SCOM synthetic transactions and web tests as a primary indicator for problem identification and prioritization. End-User alerts can be correlated with related Application & Infrastructure issues to quickly pinpoint the location of the problem. The bold visuals are perfect for a NOC screen.

Performance Dashboards

Our SCOM dashboards can quickly show all performance data in various ways including spark-lines, bar charts (to show CPU utilization), memory, and disk space. Building custom widget-based dashboards allows users to quickly see patterns and forecast issues before they occur on individual computers or in clusters.

Application Dashboards

Our solution understands your SCOM environment with system dashboards for IIS, Sharepoint, SQL Server, Exchange, Computer Health, AD and more. Business Services are created automatically based on common Management Packs including Active Directory, Exchange, DNS and many more. These application relationships are clearly displayed out of the box with dynamic dashboards.

Diagram Dashboards

Savision can visualize your SCOM data on any kind of diagram built using drag-and-drop templates, imported pictures from Visio or self-authored designs using our easy to use authoring tools. These diagrams show live data and allow drill-down from high level overviews right-down to individual servers and databases.

Infrastructure Dashboards

Savision can display your SCOM monitored infrastructure in many ways, including geographical dashboards; network topologies with drill-down to datacenter; and rack views fully customized to your own environments. Our solution color codes the health of your computers and pushes the ones with critical conditions to the top so that you start addressing the issues.

Persona-Based Dashboards

Our solution makes sharing SCOM data with other interested parties easy. Specific dashboards can be made for non-SCOM admins giving just the right level of technical information required for each user. Custom built dashboards and reports suitable for IT Managers, Helpdesk, and Service Owners can easily be shared without requiring SCOM  rights.

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