IT Manager

Let IT become a business partner by focusing on service availability

It is more important than ever for you and your team to understand the dependencies between your company’s business services and the IT infrastructure components and applications they manage. Our solution, Live Maps, can easily help you meet all of these challenges. Not only can it be integrated seamlessly with Microsoft System Center, it can also be integrated smoothly into your organizational processes for incident handling and problem and change management. This means you can get up and running in no time; complex projects, cumbersome deployments and manual updating are not required.

IT Manager Goals


Ensure services are available, secure and efficient


Improve collaboration between IT teams


Escalate issues for faster resolution to correct teams


Continually innovate to provide competitive edge

With Lives Maps, your team can use the dashboards and maps to monitor the health and performance of a service from the perspective of the end users, the underlying infrastructure components, the supporting applications and the service levels. This will enable them to quickly determine the business impact and prioritize its resolution and subsequently pinpoint the exact cause of a disruption. By focusing on high priority business-critical issues, your team will perform root cause analyses faster and have more time to work on service improvement initiatives and explore new technologies.

Benefits of Live Maps

  • Early warning notifications

    If the colour-coded Service Dashboard or a notification from the Live Maps Mobile Console indicates a problem with a service, you can easily go from there to the dynamically updated Service Map. The map gives more detailed information about the status of the service, including ownership, alerts and service levels. One click on the Service Map takes you to our rich end-to-end application and infrastructure diagrams that help you get to the heart of the problem.

  • Faster impact and root cause analysis

    The alerts generated by SCOM are so low level in detail and so numerous in scope that they make it hard to tell if an alert is serious or not. Live Maps addresses this problem by providing the functionality to group alerts by business service. And we help reduce the noise by making sure that you will only be alerted once for each business service even if multiple components fail.

  • Pro-active Change Management

    Does a patch need to be deployed or a network switch replaced? Use Live Maps to determine the impact of changes on your business-critical services before you authorize them. This gives you more control over changes and the opportunity to determine the best approach.

  • Maximize Service Availability

    By using Live Maps to define and visualize your business-critical services, you enable your team to focus on resolving high priority, service-related problems by pushing low priority problems to the background.

  • Speak a common language

    Not only are our service dashboards and maps intuitive and comprehensive, they also break down the language barrier between IT and business and give you all a common language to speak. Is the business service functioning properly? Can your customers pay for the items in their shopping carts? At any time, anyone with access to Live Maps can answer that question: from the service owner to the service desk analyst to you, the IT Manager.
    Let us help your company break down its data silos, share key end user information and foster better relationships between IT and business, so that you are ready to embrace the new data-driven customer-centric digital age.

“Savision Live Maps can help even if there is no problem because it puts you in control – directly see changes and problems in the environment as they happen and before end users are impacted.”

Ballast Nedam, IT Manager