Energy, Oil & Gas

Use Live Maps to monitor well flow data software, GIS Mapping software, distribution networks, and inventory management, among other applications

With today’s shifting market dynamics, it’s hard for Energy, Oil & Gas companies to have a stable IT environment and get to the valuable insights that they need.

They need a solution that helps foster better relationships between IT and the business: a solution that provides key stakeholders with the analytics they need to increase operational efficiency. With Live Maps, we help many organizations in the Energy, Oil & Gas industry to get the agility they need to strategically respond to service disruptions and spend more time on harnessing new technologies. Common requirements are:

  • Global distribution networks are monitored centrally
  • Multiple locations with drill-down functionality
  • IT systems critical
  • High number of IT Alerts to manage

Savision has experience working with many energy corporations, including petroleum companies and service-providers for the offshore oil & gas industry. All of our customers in this segment have highly-complex virtualized workloads running business-critical applications. They need to continually innovate their solutions towards their customers so their environment is also constantly changing. Live Maps uses dynamic rule settings to help keep up with these changes, becoming a critical cornerstone of the IT Operations team.

service dashboard new
CIO dashboard
Custom Dashboard Map

Live Maps brings Service-oriented monitoring and Advanced Dashboards for SCOM and OMS, allowing executives and senior management to see the operational status of the organization from within the monitoring platform they’re already using. Live Maps’ Service Dashboard displays the health of critical applications like well flow data software, GIS mapping software, and inventory management, as well as their performance against service level agreements. IT and Application Administrators can drill down from the dashboard to quickly discover the root cause of availability or performance issues.

Live Maps helps to quickly identify where a critical outage is occurring within an application, enabling IT teams to quickly pinpoint the root cause of a problem. They can easily locate and resolve issues prior to an outage actually occurring, significantly reducing any downtime in the environment.


From the Services Dashboard, IT admins can instantly see an overview of the status of the company’s business-critical services from three perspectives: the end-users, the infrastructure, and the applications. Use Live Maps to determine the impact and priority of a disruption and assign it to the right team. Quickly determine the business impact and prioritize its resolution and enable SLA compliance.


Energy, Oil & Gas companies can geographically monitor their business services to get more insights based on performance per location; for example, monitoring their drilling platforms. The drilling platforms are located on-shore and offshore all over the world. If the company is using SCOM as a centralized monitoring system, all the drill platforms make a connection to the central monitoring server.

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