Automated Incidents and Workflows

Savision allows you to streamline alert handling workflows between IT operations and IT service management, achieving quicker incident resolution time. Cut through the alert noise, automate processes, implement smart notifications and facilitate collaboration between the teams.

Correlate Alerts Automatically

Savision continuously ingests and normalizes alerts from all your different monitoring tools, both on-prem and in the cloud. Then it correlates and organizes them into actionable, easy-to-prioritize tickets that are automatically pushed to your Service Management tool.


Streamline Workflows

Savision helps you streamline bi-directional workflows between your monitoring and service management tools. Alerts from your monitoring tools are correlated in tickets, and once the ticket is resolved it is possible to automatically close all the associated alerts.


When presented with known alert pattern, Savision is capable of firing remediation scripts and automatically resolve recurring issues, freeing up your time to address the more complex challenges.

Notifications and Escalation

Always notify the right team and send out emails automatically based on smart rules. Thanks to our rich integrations, you can implement advanced auto-escalation logic, track notification delivery, and send out alerts based on severity, on-call duty and shifts. Alerts can be distributed through a variety of channels such as voice, text, IM, email and push notifications.


Incident reduction

Less inbound calls

Operational efficiency gains

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