Ready-made, IT-centric and fancy dashboards by Daniel Orneling

For many of us Savision has always been synonymous with Live Maps Unity, a business service management solution. Live Maps Unity is a great product as it gives us a clear visualization of the health, availability and performance of your business services using data from SCOM
Introduction to Dashboards by Savision webinar

On-Demand Webinar: Introduction to Dashboards by Savision

28-Apr-2015 - 3:00 PM
At Savision, we are excited to have officially launched our newest dashboarding solution- Dashboards by Savision - a FREE*, fast and easily customizable web-based dashboarding solution for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager that gives you the critical information you need - on any device, anywhere.

Introduction to Dashboards Webinar Q & A

The week of April 20th, 2015, we presented a webinar entitled “Introduction to Dashboards by Savision”