Historical Performance

Easily adjust performance graph timeframes in reports to see past and current performance of any metric captured in SCOM.

Export Performance Data

Export the performance data shown in any Live Maps performance graphs. This will generate a CSV file with all of the performance data which can be useful to include in any reporting mechanisms.

Service Level Windows

Configure service level calculations and notifications to adhere to the time of day and day of week the service is supported. This automatically removes service disruptions that occur outside of the services supported hours.

Advanced Service Level Agreement (SLA) Monitoring

Each service level agreement created by Live Maps now has an associated SCOM monitor associated to it. The monitor will change state from healthy to warning to critical as the SLA approaches and then passes the breach condition. This allows operations teams and business service owners to receive proactive notifications when SLAs are in danger of not being met.

Historical SLA Reporting

Look up SLA measurements from previous periods in Live Maps. With this feature, it is easy to zoom in and run reports based on specific timeframes.