What is Savision Live Maps?

Service Monitoring and Dashboards for SCOM

SCOM & OMS Made Easy

Savision Live Maps is a powerful dashboarding solution that seamlessly integrates with System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) & OMS. Savision Live Maps does more than just dashboards. It solves problems by putting the issue clearly right in front of you on clean and personalized dashboards anywhere, on any device.

Savision Live Maps is equipped with both out-of-the-box enterprise application and customizable dashboards that require little configuration. Installing Savision Live Maps will deliver immediate value to your IT department. It is the best and only complete SCOM cross-device, web-based front-end solution available that will help you to identify, prioritize, and resolve issues in no time.

How does Savision Live Maps work?

Monitor services and not just servers

Savision Live Maps organizes and visualizes the information in SCOM and OMS to highlight business impacting issues within a noisy environment. Using Savision Live Maps dynamic business service modelling, your monitoring is always up to date and requires minimal maintenance. Alerts are grouped by three perspectives of End-User/Application/Infrastructure allowing you to quickly assess the business impact and only react to critical issues whilst ignoring the alert noise.

Your IT department can focus on innovation, safe in the knowledge that Savision Live Maps will help keep the lights on. Share custom dashboards and service alerts with your Helpdesk, Management or Business Users in real-time regardless of their technical knowledge.

Live Maps Alert Management (GIF)

Highly Customizable Dashboards

Savision Live Maps displays the source of an outage, letting you cut through alert noise and quickly spot issues. With its quick navigation feature, it takes only seconds to discover any object in SCOM, view its current health status and historical performance data, and troubleshoot and resolve its alerts. Savision Live Maps groups infrastructure and application-related alerts into service-oriented SCOM dashboards that show you what’s critical to resolve before greater upstream impact or system outage.

Savision Live Maps also offers advanced diagram, topology, and Visio-like dashboards that can help automatically build and dynamically update distributed applications in SCOM. Additionally, widget-based dashboards allow you to create the reports you need based on historical data collected by SCOM.

Live Maps Service Overview

Services Overview

Live Maps Geographic Dashboard

Geographical Map

Live Maps Object Explorer Details

Object Explorer


Showing you how it's done in three simple concepts

Service Monitoring

Move from infrastructure to Service Monitoring using Savision Live Maps framework of End-User/Application/Infrastructure for a 360′ view.


Quickly build custom dashboards to visualize your IT environment in SCOM and share with all stakeholders on any device.

Alert Noise Reduction

Use Savision Live Maps to filter out alert noise and focus on real incidents to become pro-active. Dynamic dependency mapping keeps your CMDB up-to-date.

Discover services based upon standard Microsoft and 3rd party Management Packs in your environment. To see the full list of supported MP’s click here

Use Live Maps to quickly build Distributed Applications in SCOM that are dynamic and stay up-to-date with advanced inclusion/exclusion rules. Lower the time to create and maintain your SCOM environment even as changes happen. Read more here

Use OMS Service Map to auto-discover your applications, import them into SCOM as a DA and use Live Maps to complete the 360′ view of your Business Services

Every Live Maps service automatically creates an SLO for End-User, Application and Infrastructure that can be monitored in real-time for SLA breach. Quickly create SLA reports to share with management.

Choose an IIS, SharePoint, SQL Server, Exchange, Computer Health and Active Directory dashboard or create your own SCOM dashboards in seconds.

Share unlimited SCOM dashboards with other users, even if they do not have any access to SCOM. Control drill-down behavior and prevent users from navigating to other dashboards.

Pull in data from other sources into Live Maps using widgets for SQL, Powershell, and OMS queries. Combine health status from SCOM with these other sources on a single dashboard.

Drill-down to any object in SCOM to see all child objects and their related properties, performance data, rules & monitors. Initiate tasks and view Health Explorer without opening the SCOM console.

Filter out the alert noise in SCOM by focusing on end-user impact for critical business services. Access all alerts in SCOM wtih a quick-search function and take actions quickly on those alerts. For more information read here.

Live Maps groups all SCOM objects into defined business services dynamically. This critical information can be exported into your CMDB for SCSM, BMC Remedy or ServiceNow

Live Maps service level alerting allows you to receive 1 notification for only critical outages that can be escalated to the relevant user for prompt action. Receive alerts on your mobile phone, via email or in your ITSM portal as an iFrame.


Don’t chase the details. Command the situation.

Focus on services not servers to stop downtime.

Spend less time on deploying and maintaining SCOM.

Share unlimited dashboards with your internal and external stakeholders on any device.

Start using Savision Live Maps today

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