Cloud Reporter - Cloud Capacity Management for Hyper-V and VMware

Cloud Reporter for System Center is a robust capacity planning solution for private clouds based on VMware and Microsoft’s Hyper-V. Plan for the future and meet your service level objectives, with the ability to predict when memory, processors and storage resources will be exhausted.

Download the Cloud Reporter Datasheet. 


Prevent Unplanned Downtime

Estimates vary, but on average, businesses lose between $84,000 and $108,000 for every hour of IT system downtime. Companies can minimize unplanned downtime with Cloud Reporter by knowing when cloud resources are going to be exhausted long before it happens. IT departments can take preventative measures – free up resources from idle virtual machines or rightsize active virtual machines – and keep business applications running smoothly.

Reveal Upcoming Capacity Issues 

Reports in Cloud Reporter show current capacity demands of the virtualized infrastructure as well as projected future requirements based on historical consumption patterns. Companies know in advance when they will need to add additional resources, and can eliminate surprise hardware expenditures. 

Avert Capacity Issues

By improving the utilization of memory, processor and disk resources, companies can spend less on hardware over time. Cloud Reporter indicates the timeframe in which resources will become exhausted and it also offers suggestions to put off the day of reckoning. Built-in reports identify over-sized and under-used Hyper-V and VMware virtual machines so that IT departments can make better use of existing resources.

Faster Decision Making

One of the biggest challenges for IT Administrators is sharing pertinent information with budget holders and decision makers. Without the right information in an easy to understand format, decisions get delayed and the risk of downtime goes up. Cloud Reporter solves this problem with reports that can be shared easily and instantly via export to PDF or Excel.


Feature Details

VMware alarms in SCOM console

Pull VMware Alarms into Operations Manager

VMware contains a wealth of built in monitoring, but that information often remains trapped inside vCenter. Cloud Reporter pulls all VMware alarms into the System Center Operations Manager console and displays them as alerts. You can then automatically trigger notifications to your IT staff or generate incidents within System Center Service Manager when your VMware infrastructure requires attention.


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Understand Future Performance

Cloud Reporter provides scenario modelling to understand the consequences of budget and workload changes on the private cloud. Decision makers gain the hard data they need to make informed choices.

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Idle Virtual Machines

Reclaim Underutilized Resources

VM sprawl is a common problem in virtualized environments, especially ones with self-service features. Cloud Reporter looks for signs of low network, processor, and storage activity and presents virtual machines that appear to be idle and unused, allowing their resources to freed up for actual, running workloads. Additionally, Cloud Reporter compares the actual resource usage of virtual machines to their current allocation, allowing operators to spot discrepancies and take steps to optimize resource provisioning.


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Powered Off Virtual Machines

Reclaim Expensive Storage

Cloud Reporter identifies virtual machines that have been powered off but yet still consume valuable disk space. Virtual machines not in use can be backed up and deleted or moved to a lower cost storage tier.

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Integration with Operations Manager

Cloud Reporter natively integrates with Microsoft System Center Operations Manager to ensure that all the information you require is at your fingertips. Cloud Reporter leverages the monitoring and data warehouse features of Operations Manager meaning that all planning and reporting data can be accessed from the tool you already trust to keep tabs on the health of your IT infrastructure.

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Based on SQL Server Reporting Services

Cloud Reporter leverages the native features of SQL Server Reporting Services, allowing it to export to various formats including PDF and Excel. Subscriptions allow reports to be automatically generated and delivered to stakeholders on a regular basis.

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