Live Maps Training Center

In this section, Savision provides you with all the necessary information, in terms of documentation and training material to support a smooth deployment and startup of Live Maps in your environment.

Live Maps for System Center 2012

Product Documentation

 Live Maps V8.1 - Installation Guide 
 Live Maps V8.1 - Release Notes
 Live Maps Portal V8.1 - Installation Guide 
 Live Maps Portal V8.1 - Release Notes

Getting Started Kit

 Getting Started Guide (2-Dec-2015)
 Getting Started Download (06-Nov-2014)

Live Maps for System Center 2007 R2

Product Documentation

 Live Maps 2007 - Installation Guide
 Live Maps 2007 - Release Notes
 Service Manager 2010 - Integration Guide
 Windows Desktop Gadget - Installation Guide

Introduction Videos

 Quick Start
 Application Visualization
 Geographical Maps
 Service Manager Integration

Training Videos

 Monitoring your business processes
 Creating a network topology
 Creating an application topology
 Monitoring your datacenter
 Monitoring your offices and locations
 Creating a dashboard

Other Resources

 Real-Time Application Performance (Vital Signs Training Center)
 Resolving Live Maps Authoring dependencies
 Override the Health Rollup on a Live Maps view
 Include non-default aggregations in the Health Rollup on a Live Maps view
 Run the Live Maps Web Console under an existing web site
 Change the Live Maps Web Console connection Session State
 Make your OpsMgr Application Views Dynamic
 Create Fancy Looking Dashboards with OpsMgr
 Live Maps integration with a 32-bit Service Manager 2012 Console
 Live Maps - Online Help