Alert Management

Manage alerts without having to open the SCOM console. See custom properties, personalized alert views, custom alert groups, and the health explorer directly from Live Maps web interface. Manage alerts, edit ticket and service notes, as well as share dashboards with the context necessary for other teams to resolve incidents quickly.

Smart Alerts

Live Maps Smart Alerts created for SLA violations or Service disruptions are often used to automate ITSM incident ticket creation with a high-degree of confidence. Alerts are also available as push-notifications via Live Maps Mobile.

Health Explorer

With the Live Maps Health Explorer interface, accessing knowledge base information and state change history is just a click away. Reseting or recalculating monitor health can also be done from this interface to ensure the state of all IT services are always up-to-date and rolling up correctly.

Service Notes

Create Service Notes for any IT service. Notes help IT administrators communicate important announcements to a service’s users. For example, Service Notes can point out that a service outage is already being worked on, when it will be resolved or who to contact when there’s a incident.