Database Query Result Monitoring Management Pack for SCOM

The Database Query Result Monitoring Management Pack is a powerful add-on for SCOM, which enables SCOM admins to easily create monitors for SQL query results with SCOM authoring templates. It is optimized for Microsoft SQL databases, while non-Microsoft SQL database query monitoring is in beta.

Key features:

  • Easy Authoring template to create and delete queries.
  • Support for SQL Authentication.
  • Dedicated views in SCOM console.
  • Historical data collection.
  • Monitor using consecutive samples condition and schedule filter.
  • Two or three monitoring states (healthy/warning/critical).
  • Recalculate state on-demand.
  • Grouping of multiple queries.

Example use cases:

  • Raise an alert when a database is not growing at the expected rate.
  • Regularly verify a particular entry is present in a database.
  • Raise a warning if a database is not updated for too long.
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