Farah Experiences LLC

Farah Experiences LLC was established in 2008 to provide world-class entertainment experiences. Today, the company manages and operates Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, the world’s first Ferrari-branded theme park, and Yas Waterworld, the UAE’s unique Emirati themed waterpark. 

Drowning in Notifications

Farah Experiences relied solely on Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) to monitor its infrastructure and systems. SCOM, however, sent so many alerts and warnings that sometimes overwhelmed staffers who were unable to distinguish important alerts from the false alarms. “We were literally drowning in notifications,” said Majd Esber, IT operations manager. The theme parks are government owned, adding another layer of quality and performance criteria that aren’t required in the private sector. For security and other reasons, they require highly clustered and highly available systems, extra servers and redundancy. “We’re not supposed to have any down time,” Esber said. “It is not acceptable.” Esber expects his IT environment, which includes 110 production servers, along with another 30 for development and testing, to double in the next two years.

“Savision Live Maps is super easy. What would have taken me weeks to do in other programs, Savision did in a couple of hours. The initial implementation was really that fast!”

IT Operations Manager

Business Service Monitoring

Farah Experiences needed something to better manage its systems. Esber wanted IT specialists to be able to instantly spot issues on a screen, to diagnose and proactively fix problems before they impacted the end user experience. Savision had what Esber needed. With Savision added to the existing SCOM infrastructure, Farah Experiences can now tie its underlying IT infrastructure and applications to its business services. With just a click, Live Maps, Savision’s Business Service Management solution, can locate and identify the company’s IT assets, and then map them to the business services that keep the company running. Savision’s solutions work seamlessly with SCOM and help cut through the clutter of notifications.

Now, on the Service Dashboard, Farah Experiences’ IT team can actively watch for errors at the business service level, and take corrective action before application performance and end users are affected. Savision makes it easy for IT workers to drill down on problems directly to the source and correct them in a fraction of the time it used to take. Now, Farah Experiences’ IT team can also customize the solution to fit the company’s needs, pulling in whatever performance data they want to monitor.

Super Easy Setup

Before Savision, Esber had attempted to create a Savision-like dashboard for SCOM on his own, using Visio. “We spent a month and created a Frankenstein,” he said. By comparison, the solution engineer from Savision was able to create the same map and connect the servers in just a couple of hours.

IT administrators can build their own services by simply dragging and dropping. “It was unbelievable,” Esber said. “It would have taken me three weeks to do.” For Esber’s team, Savision has removed countless headaches. Just a couple of months into the Savision Live Maps experience, the company is spending 15 to 20% less time checking alerts, because Savision provides a clear picture of the state of things. “It is super easy,” Esber said.