DMG Media

In their job supporting Mail Newspapers the team at DMG Media cannot afford an “off” day. The international, multi-channel media company creates digital content globally and runs leading newspapers in the United Kingdom, reaching nearly 30 million people a month.

Global Operation at a Glance

When DMG Media wanted a business service management solution to monitor its Global System, the team chose Savision to create transparency and drive faster, better resolutions.

The DMG Media team set up Savision Live Maps quickly and had their first maps displayed within 30 minutes. “Savision had a familiar, friendly user interface.” The system supports the infrastructure of all of Mail Newspapers editorial and publishing workflows. The team monitors production systems consisting of physical servers and hundreds of virtual servers that enable many shared services. Savision is the cornerstone support of all new media application deployments within DMG Media. Savision provides at-a-glance health status, allowing the DMG Media team to view IT performance issues on a global map

“We always try to use the most sophisticated tools available that are easy to use. With Savision, we harness the power of System Center. And it’s easy. Savision Live Maps shortens our time to resolve technology issues down to a matter of seconds – it previously took us upwards of 15 minutes to locate the degraded virtual instance in a 3rd party tool, then sign into the specific management console for that instance to kick off a reboot.”

IT Operations Server Support

Alerts with Savision

The team depends on Savision to simplify the process of issue resolution across the Infrastructure estate, and especially on customer-facing applications. In addition to the global dashboard, DMG Media support staff get alerts about IT issues before they become serious enough to impact performance, and can re-launch the applications from within Savision Live Maps.

Harness the Power of System Center

The team adds maps as new applications come online. They start with testing and monitoring, then add the visualizations. They use rotating maps to display the health of its infrastructure, applications and more to internal supporting teams and specific customers.