Alerts Widget

Embed Alert Widgets into any summary dashboard. Simply configure the scope of the widget to a particular group or object, which draws attention to only the alerts that matter for that IT service.

Top n Performance Widget

Add a top n Performance widget to any custom dashboard. This widget provides a way for users to keep track of certain SCOM objects based on key performance indicators. For example: Top 5 Computers by CPU Usage or Top 5 Disk Volumes by Available Disk Space.

Graphical SQL Query Widget

Add SQL queries to a custom dashboard as a grid, single value, or graph. Querying a SQL database is often a simple way to integrate 3rd party system data in concert with SCOM data.

Heat Map Widget

A heat map simply depicts the health of services related to the scope of a dashboard. This widget provides a compact overview of services as well as the ability to quickly drill-down into a Service Dashboard.

Services Overview Widget

The Services Overview Widget shows a compact version of the Services Overview dashboard. This is helpful when building service dashboards with unique categories specific to a business, such as: departments, regions, hosted customers, etc.