Guest Blog: The SCOM 1807 Story

During this on-demand webinar hosted by NiCE-IT Management Solutions and Savision you will learn how to monitor your O365 subscription and display in Live Maps dashboards:
Demo: How-to deploy NiCE-IT MP for O365;
Demo: How-to display as a Savision Live Maps Business Service
Demo: Use Cases for specific scenarios

Manage Large-Scaled PRTG Environments with Savision

Managing large-scale and multifaceted PRTG installations with tens of thousands of sensors in many locations across the globe requires administrators with deep knowledge and experience. Especially in such complex environments, a simple management of large systems is the holy grail for admins. Today we want to look at Savision’s solution, which eases the management of…

Migrating to SCOM 1801 – Q&A and Poll Results

In our last online session, we hosted Aditya Goda, Program Manager at Microsoft, and MVP Bob “SCOM-Bob” Cornelissen, Managing Consultant at BICTT to present “Migrating to SCOM 1801“. They covered a lot of ground in terms of what’s new in SCOM 1801 and the different migration options currently available. Their presentation was followed by an extensive Q&A…