Passport to SCOM 2016: Top 10 Q&A Session

We recently held an online session on SCOM 2016. Hosted by Savision’s Support Manager, Chris Malay. The session featured top industry experts: Microsoft Product Manager – Mahesh Narayanan, Microsoft Program Manager – Aditya Goda, Microsoft MVP – Marnix Wolf, and Microsoft MVP – Damian Flynn. The experts focused on what’s new and what lies ahead in SCOM 2016. We had over 40 great questions from attendees during our Q&A session.


Visualizing SLA status in SCOM vs Live Maps

An SLA isn’t only beneficial for you as a customer who buys a service. It’s also really important for who’s delivering the service, both to show to the customer that they deliver what they are supposed to but also to keep track internally of the service availability.

When I’ve spoken about this before, most of the times it has been about how you measure the uptime. But what about how we present the availability status?