How mature is your IT department?

It is common for IT departments to jump on the latest technology trends and fads. Whilst the value of BYOD and Big Data can unleash a new competitive advantage, in many organizations it is actually putting a greater stress on the overworked IT department. Before embracing these new technology trends a CIO needs to judge how mature his organization is. So, how do you know if you are ready to take the leap?

DATA as a power enablement by MVP Alessandro Cardoso

Beyond IT productivity, cloud management can dramatically improve business agility. However, an evolving cloud architecture can also lead to waste and inefficiency. Has the efficiency of your cloud architecture been reviewed overtime? Are you optimally defining the placement of workloads?

The BSM Mindset: The Time is Now

'The BSM Mindset: The time is now' focuses on the essence of BSM when the concept first appeared in 2004. Find out more about the disappointments of BSM 1.0 and the robust solutions, the key functionalities and the benefits presented by BSM 2.0.

Top Players in IT Operations Management Market

Historically, the IT Operations Management landscape has been dominated by five vendors: BMC Software, CA Technologies, Microsoft, HP and IBM, referred to as the Big 5 and recently joined by VMware as a small player but capturing large growth on the back of its virtualisation software. Recently (Jan 2014), Gartner published their current view of the vendor landscape and compared the depth and breadth of the competing technologies.

Cloud Service Management drives BSM

What are the benefits of BSM and why would it work for today’s organisations? Is it impossible to make the logical connection to business services with a discovery tool? Is the growing complexity of IT environments increasing the cost of implementation of BSM? And how is the move to the private cloud affecting companies? Read our blog on the real drive behind Business Service Management.