New features in Live Maps Unity: Dynamically Updating Services

This blog post continues our preview of features that will arrive in the next version of Live Maps, which will be officially launched during TechEd 2014, at the end of October.

New features in Live Maps Unity: Out-of-Box Services

While our customers have many custom and unique applications and services that they model, many of them also need to model the same key Microsoft applications, namely Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft SharePoint. Rather than asking them to create their own maps and dashboards, we’re now providing out-of-box support for these business-critical applications with quick and simple to import management packs.

New features in Live Maps Unity: Performance Data

This October, during TechEd Europe in Barcelona, we will be unveiling the newest release of Live Maps, Cloud Reporter and Cloud Advisor. However, since TechEd is still a few weeks away, we want to give you the first glimpse of one of the new features of Live Maps.

Are CIOs at a disadvantage at the executive table when it comes to customers?

Who is responsible for the technology in a company? Is it the CIO, the CTO or the CMO. What does it mean for the CIO if the CMO starts driving technology based on a need to connect with the customer? Is the CMO's or CDO's focus on the customer and technology putting traditional cost-cutting techie CIOs at a disadvantage around the executive table?

How mature is your IT department?

It is common for IT departments to jump on the latest technology trends and fads. Whilst the value of BYOD and Big Data can unleash a new competitive advantage, in many organizations it is actually putting a greater stress on the overworked IT department. Before embracing these new technology trends a CIO needs to judge how mature his organization is. So, how do you know if you are ready to take the leap?