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Integrate SCOM with Savision for fast responsive dashboards, dynamic service monitoring, and automated alert management

Microsoft SCOM and Savision

Fast Dashboards and Easy Service Monitoring

Savision organizes and visualizes the information in SCOM, quickly highlighting business impacting issues. Thanks to Savision’s unique and dynamic business service modeling, your monitoring is always up to date, requiring minimal maintenance. Alerts are grouped by the three perspectives of End-User/Application/Infrastructure allowing you to quickly assess the business impact and cut through the alert noise.

Your IT department can focus on innovation, safe in the knowledge that Savision will help keep the lights on. The rest of the organization will also feel in control, thanks to our custom dashboards for Helpdesk, Management or Business Users. Everybody will have access to the appropriate information based on their requirements and technical knowledge.

For Microsoft SCOM and Savision customers this means

Live Maps Dashboards: Quickly build custom dashboards to visualize your IT environment in SCOM and share across the organisation. From C-Level dashboards, automatic geographic maps plus detailed performance data, Live Maps visualizes all SCOM data in an easy to understand way.

Service Monitoring: Move from Infrastructure to Service Monitoring using Savision to group your components into a framework of End-User / Application / Infrastructure for a 360′ view. These dynamic Distributed Applications stay up-to-date as your environment changes and allow you to focus on critical issues, improving your SLA’s.

Service Discovery: Discover services based upon standard Microsoft and 3rd party Management Packs in your environment. Popular applications include Active Directory, Exchange, Sharepoint, Office365, Citrix. See the full list of supported MP’s.

Easy Sharing: Share unlimited SCOM dashboards with other users, even if they do not have any access to SCOM. Control drill-down behavior and prevent users from navigating to other dashboards.

Faster Alert Management: Filter out the alert noise in SCOM by focusing on end-user impact for critical business services. Access all alerts in SCOM wtih a quick-search function and take actions quickly on those alerts. View our Alert Management SCOM page for more information.

Smart Mobile Notifications: Live Maps service level alerting allows you to receive 1 notification for only critical outages that can be escalated to the relevant user for prompt action. Receive alerts on your mobile phone, via email or in your ITSM portal as an iFrame.

Multiple Management Groups: Savision can easily handle multiple SCOM management groups. Using the power of the Elastic database, you can connect to different SCOM groups to provide a unified view of all your monitoring objects and services.

Single Pane of Glass: Savision integrates with many IT monitoring tools, public clouds and ITSM systems within seconds to add alerts, objects and incidents in one single pane of glass. See our full list of our available integrations.

Functional Specifications

  1. Retrieving of all entities including all the property values, component types are derived from the base classes of the entities.
  2. Retrieving health states, maintenance mode and availability information of the entities.
  3. Retrieve all relationships between all entities.
  4. Retrieve all monitoring alerts.
  5. Set the resolution state of the alert to the Acknowledged state.
  6. Set the resolution state of the alert to the Closed (255) state.
  7. Update the following alert properties Owner, Ticket ID, Resolution State and all Custom fields.

Combined Benefits

Focus on services not servers to stop downtime.

Become service oriented – by grouping your IT monitoring tools into business services.

Show IT value – by sharing dashboards with the organization showing improved service levels.

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Savision puts your IT in focus by providing a smart layer on top of your existing IT management systems. It centralizes, unifies and ranks all your IT data, providing you with enterprise wide, search-based access from a single pane of glass.

Get started with Savision analytics today and start managing your IT infrastructure from a single-pane-of-glass.

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